Van Dort Letselschade is specialized in assisting personal injury victims.

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Van Dort Letselschade is aangesloten bij De Letselschade Raad

De Letselschade Raad werkt met betrokken professionele partijen aan verbetering van het schaderegelingsproces bij letselschade. Gezamenlijk streven zij naar meer harmonie, openheid en respect. Dit alles in het belang van mensen met letselschade.

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Van Dort goes the extra mile...

100% partial; confidence-inspiring

We are here to serve your interests. A 100% partial approach is the only way to guarantee justice and offer certainty. This is why we apply a different strategy.  Read more

Compensation for damages + future outlook

In personal injury cases, it’s not just the money that’s important, but also the personal acknowledgement and the most favorable possible results that also matter. It might also mean the start of a different future.  Read more

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De Dikke Pech

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Na Het Noodlot

Published for the 10th anniversary of
Van Dort Letselschade

Letsel Verhalen

The readable book on injury and damages.
We have a few copies left!

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